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BIG choice of furniture, decorative objects and authentic utensils.

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Since 1980

What starts as a hobby…

… sometimes grows into something bigger!

Antique Harlequin is a charming small shop with a heart and a soul. Anybody who has to be around in Gentbrugge will have noticed our well-kept shop windows.

Collectors, lovers of beautiful utilitarian objects and furniture know our name.

You are always welcome. Parking your car isn’t a problem here, we have parking space enough.

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Buying & Selling

The objects we have for sale are regionally bound. Bought and found in our own region.


Let us know if you search something. You never know if something comes in our shop the following week.


Are you the happy buyer, but wishes to pick it up at a later time? No problem, we will keep it with us. You can pick it up at a later date or time. As long as it isn’t after 20:30 PM.

If you want to know more or if you think we can help you!